An easy to understand diagram of sake grades, types, and classifications by the Norwegian Sake Association

Understanding sake classifications

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Sake grades, sake classifications, or types, influence the taste and price of sake. Sake can be divided into two main categories: premium (tokutei meishou-shu) and table sake (futsushu). There are six main classes of premium sake. The classifcations are based on two major things. First, the amount the rice grains are polished (semei-buai, rice polishing ratio). The second […]

Sake cup o-choko | Norwegian Sake Association

Sake 101 – the basics

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Sake represents 2,500+ years of Japanese tradition and culture. It is Japan’s national alcoholic drink. It’s Japan’s national treasure. Like Japanese cuisine, sake is something the Japanese take pride in. Like Japanese cuisine, when they get it right, they get it right. You might be thinking, “Wait, are you talking about that cloudy, warm, and brennevin I […]